We provide:

  • - Offshore training courses
  • - DP training courses
  • - Courses for navigators (also ECDIS specific training Furuno, JRC, Transas, Simrad, Navmaste)
  • - Courses for tanker fleet
  • - Courses for marine engineers
  • - Training courses on emergency, occupational safety, security, medical care and survival functions
  • - Courses for specialized vessels’ staff
  • - Training courses for ratings

Our Agency:

- Keep an up-to-date register of all their seafarer placements. We respect your right to privacy and the need to protect confidentiality

- Keep up-to-date lists of ships and company contact details where their seafarers are placed

- We inform you of your rights and duties under an employment agreement and give you enough time to examine it before you sign up

- Give you a copy of the employment agreement

- All our agreements comply with applicable national laws and CBAs

- Our shipowners or companies they work with are financially secure so that you don’t get stranded in a foreign port

- We have an effective complaints procedure in place

- Our staff have a relevant knowledge of the maritime industry

- We ensure that our managers can respond promptly and sympathetically to requests for information and advice from your family while you’re at sea – at no cost to you or your family.

- We inform you of any relevant shipping company policies, eg. dry ship policies where no alcohol may be consumed onboard

- The labour conditions on ships where we supply crew comply with all applicable CBAs, laws and regulations

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Services for seafarers:

Qualification check

We check the qualifications of the seaman, his professional data and the level of language proficiency.


Your documents will be accepted and stored in our system in accordance with the Law "On Protection of Personal Data".

Advanced training courses.

If necessary, we send seafarers to courses for obtaining or further training. This can be done on the basis of the training centers of our partners.

Assistance in obtaining visas.

Preparation of documents for obtaining visas

Execution of all documents

We will prepare a contract with the ship-owner company, as well as all the accompanying documentation, that why you could be confident in your future.

Selection of vacancies according to your professional level.

According to the results of your testing, you will be matched with the most suitable vacancies, taking into account all your requirements